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It's an amalgam of artistic expression unlike any other, a master mix of media that unites whimsical dancing devils with war-torn images of exploitation, the over-commercialization of art and a video of thousands of origamis floating ashore.

"Our goal for this show is to highlight the 10 years we've been here and to showcase the quality of our exhibitions," says CSUF Grand Central Art Center Director Dennis Cubbage. "It also shows that Grand Central has, in the last decade, really been on top of the Orange County art scene in trying to show as many exciting works as possible."

The CSUF Grand Central Art Center seemingly omits nothing in showcasing Orange County's contemporary art scene. In celebrating its 10th anniversary of programming, exhibitions and events, visitors are treated to an impressive retrospective, highlighted by exhibits from artists in residence, nationally famous and those internationally respected.

944 Magazine

CSUF Grand Central Art Center

Written by Alex A. Kecskes

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